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"After an urgent need for a new annex was identified when we nearly lost a docent down the privy hole when the seat collapsed beneath her, after months of planning and getting estimates for the work, after months of fund-raising, months of construction, much of it throughout the winter, the Readfield Historical Society and Museum has a brand new annex in which there is a bathroom with a real flushing toilet!

The event was celebrated with an inauguration ceremony in which a toilet paper ribbon across the door was cut followed by a champagne flush. The press was there, in the form of a Kennebec Journal reporter and photographer and the event made the front page of the morning paper. It was picked up by the Maine Sunday Telegram in Portland, which means it went all over the state. What fun!

We are still not finished with the interior of the annex, having run out of money. But the building is finished on the outside, sided and roofed, with good windows. We will soon be shutting off the water for the winter and draining the pipes.

We are so happy with our new work and storage areas, and of course, with our beautiful flushing toilet. Come next summer and see for yourself."

We had a unique Buy-A-Board campaign, otherwise known as the Sponsor-A-Stud Program, in which townspeople and summer folks could buy a 2x4 for $10 and we woodburned their name, the date, and a short message into it. This made our annex into something of a time capsule. We wish to thank all of our generous donors.
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